Who is the Modern Indian Woman ...She is beautiful, hard-working yet fun, fierce yet kind, contemporary & still knows her ROOTS.

The spirit behind our collection was to create the amalgamation of comfortable contemporary clothing while still retaining the beautiful essence of our country; celebrating the evolution of the modern Indian woman

We travelled to all culture rich places of Gujrat and Rajasthan in India, where we took inspiration from the local crafts, people & vibe!

Roots captures the vibrancy & happiness that’s in abundance in every nook and corner of the colourful behemoth India is; something unfortunately forgotten in majority collections.

Roots uses hand embroidered fabrics from Gujrat, hand-block prints & embellishments from Rajasthan. We can proudly say that each piece of this collection has been crafted with much love right here in India & each piece has a story of its own to tell!


Fashion should be as much about comfort as about aesthetics. We’ve made sure that all the fabrics used by us airy, breezy & comfy so that you can wear them all day!

Just like you (yes, you) Roots brings together the perfect blend of the sass of west while being a desi at heart.



At the heart of Roots are the very people who bring these lovely designs to life. These karigars (craftsmen) are based in Delhi and have come from various beautiful corners of India. The two stalwarts, Mrs. Dsouza and  Mr. Mubarak Ali (aka Masterji) along with their team of brilliant craftsmen have executed our thoughts like no one could. Its been an honor to watch them weave their magic, learn from them, see their kids study and give back a little of the happiness they've brought to our lives! We hope you love Roots as much as our team has loved getting it ready for you!

  Mrs. Dsouza  






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